You read that right.

Internet hero, Batman Bin Suparman (which translates to Batman son of Superman), who went viral back in 2008 due to an image posted by the tech website Gizmodo, is the bearer of a name very similar to Warner Bros: Batman v Superman. You almost cannot say his name without pronouncing it as such.

So what does a guy who has the name of not just one hero, but two, do?

A report by BBC News states, in November 2013, Suparman was given a prison sentence of 33 months by a court in Singapore. Batman was arrested after stealing money from a shop, as well as using his brother’s cash card to withdraw money.

So not much of a hero now but maybe later? Every great hero has a beginning and maybe this is Batman’s. Who knows? He may very well be training, leaving us all under the impression he is gone and never coming back. Ring any bells? (Cues memory of Batman:Year One.)

The authenticity of his name, as stated by Wall Street Journal columnist Ben Zimmer, is genuine.

“The name Suparman is very common on the Indonesia island of Java, where Suparman’s family is from originally… Since ‘Bin’ means ‘son of’ in Arabic, we can also assume it is very likely that Batman’s father was also called Suparman.”


Image via Paramount


At least we know Batman is not a clone from his father’s DNA, like Superboy from Young Justice, right?

With Batman Bin Suparman serving a sentence of 33 months, and no news of whether he was released for good conduct (or his early completion of hand-to-hand combat training), it’s expected he will be released this coming September.

Just think: What a surprise it will be to not just walk out a free man but a man with a name similar to a major blockbuster movie. We bet he’ll be feeling like quite the vigilante.


Image via Warner Bros.


The worldwide premiere of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is  March 25th.