X-Men ’97: Animation Comes to Life in X-Mansion Reveal from Airbnb

X-Men ’97: Animation Comes to Life in X-Mansion Reveal from Airbnb

X-Men ’97 has just kicked off their 3-part finale, and what better way for Airbnb to give fans a look at one of their Airbnb Icon locations—Professor Charles Xavier’s X-Mansion.

Check this out:

Here’s the official descripition:

As part of Airbnb Icons, renters can stay in the X-Mansion based on the animated series “X-Men ’97.” It features living spaces and recreation areas with traces of its mutant residents.

We’ve had a look at these themed houses before with IP like Batman and Barbie, and this mansion looks to be decked out to cater specifically to the animated X-Men fans.

Not only do we get iconic locations from the show like the Danger Room and the X-Men’s control room, but the entire mansion has also been stylized to look like a frame from the animated series, with the lines going all around the furniture and walls.

You’ll also notice that the photos are all animated as well, with some imagery coming from the rebooted show on Disney+. Die-hard fans will also know all about the Easter Eggs located in each of the rooms—like the photo of Scott and Jean that Wolverine was known to pine over.

We may not be getting a movie any time soon, but the X-Men are certainly back with this new series. With showrunner Beau DeMayo fired, we don’t know how long Marvel wants to to continue this reboot, but fans are definitely loving what DeMayo has delivered so far.

Catch X-Men ’97 now showing on Disney+.


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