Kate Winslet Stars as WWII Photographer Lee Miller in Trailer for Lee

Kate Winslet Stars as WWII Photographer Lee Miller in Trailer for Lee

Kate Winslet is no stranger to playing distraught women onscreen, and now Sky Cinema is ready to thrust her into the middle of war with the upcoming biopic Lee.

Watch the star-studded trailer here:

Here’s the official description:

LEE tells the story of Lee Miller (Winslet), American photographer. Determined to document the truth of the Nazi regime, and in spite of the odds stacked against female correspondents, Lee captured some of the most important images of World War II, for which she paid an enormous personal price.

Lee Miller the person actually has a very interesting life before she was going off to warzones to take photos. She was actually a fashion model herself in New York City in the 20s, before she became a photographer herself, taking pictures for Vogue.

Besides Winslet, the movie also includes the likes of Alexander Skarsgard, Marion Cotillard, Josh O’Connor, and Andrea Riseborough. Probably the most susprising member of the cast is one Andy Samberg, who has since been pivoting over to more serious roles, even if he is best known for his comedy work.

It’s also worth noting that Lee will be the directorial debut of cinematographer Ellan Kuras who had worked with Winslet years before in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

If Mare of Easttown has taught us anything, it’s that Winslet is still one powerhouse of an actress, and I can’t wait to see how she helps tell the story of Lee Miller, who by all acccounts was an amazing person on her own right.

Lee is set to release in theaters on Sept. 13.


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