Disney Working on Animated Kingdom Hearts Movie?

Disney Working on Animated Kingdom Hearts Movie?

It was 2002 when Square Enix launched the Kingdom Hearts franchise, and though we have no recent update on Kingdom Hearts IV, Disney seems to be cooking something up on the movie front.

According to The DisInsider, development is currently ongoing for an animated Kingdom Hearts movie. The project was said to have been originally conceived for Disney+, but it was then pivoted to be something made for a theatrical release.

Before you get too excited about seeing Sora, Donald, and Goofy in the big screen though, it’s said that ‘these are just rumblings and nothing has been greenlit.’ For now, Disney doesn’t seem to be too interested in adapting things from video games, but seeing as how The Super Mario Bros. Movie and Sonic the Hedgehog have been doing so well in theatres, they could be changing their tune.

The lore for Kingdom Hearts is admittedly too complicated, but essentially it boils down to a Final Fantasy crossover with Disney characters. The game follows Sora, the master of the Keyblade, as he goes on a journey through different Disney-themed worlds to fight against an enemy called The Heartless.

With the game’s story being as complicated as it is, this could be the best time for Disney to swoop in and give new fans a cliffnotes version of Sora’s story; but maybe they should just go the Fallout route and give fans an expansion of the story with the same Final Fantasy meets Disney aesthetic.

I’m sure KH fans would eat that film up if they managed to release it alongside the upcoming game, but that’s just speculation on my part.

A Kingdom Hearts movie has not been officially announced. Kingdom Hearts IV is yet to receive a release date.


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