Gen V Producers Confirm They are Not Recasting Chance Perdomo

Gen V Producers Confirm They are Not Recasting Chance Perdomo

It’s been a month since Chance Perdomo’s death shocked the internet, and effectively delayed the start of production for the next season of The Boys spinoff Gen V.

Now the producers of Gen V have come out to address Perdomo’s death and have revealed how they will be treating the arc of his character Andre Anderson. Here’s their official post on Twitter:

“We won’t be recasting the role, because no one can replace Chance. Instead, we have been taking the time and space to recraft our Season 2 storylines as we begin production in May.”

When Perdomo died back in March, a lot of fans were wondering how the series was going to deal with the character—with others comparing the situation to Marvel Studios’ Black Panther franchise with Chadwick Boseman; Marvel had decided to kill off T’Challa after Boseman’s death, but some thought that recasting would have been the way to go since his character’s arc was clearly just beginning.

With Perdomo/Andre, some thought that they would go the recast route after the flak Marvel got for the Boseman situation, but it does seem they want to change Andre’s storyline in a way that could be a meaningful sendoff to Perdomo.

Personally, I think they were going to kill Andre off anyway, that’s why they decided to just shift things around rather than to recast; but that’s just my guess.

For now, Gen V Season 2 is yet to receive a release date, but fans are waiting for the premiere of the fourth season of The Boys which comes to Amazon Prime Video on June 13.


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