M3GAN 2.0 Casts Ahsoka Star Ivanna Sakhno

M3GAN 2.0 Casts Ahsoka Star Ivanna Sakhno

Tiny girl movie monsters are in this year, and fans are already waiting for a sequel to M3GAN. M3GAN 2.0 is currently underway, and Star Wars fans will be happy to hear that a fan-favorite is joining the cast.

Deadline reports that Ivanna Sakhno, best known for playing the role of Shin Hati in Ahsoka, has been cast in the M3GAN sequel. No details have been revealed about who Sakhno is playing, but cast members from the original movie Allison Williams and Violet McGraw are also coming back for the sequel.

Though we get slasher movies all the time, M3GAN had managed to set itself apart by being a kind of cautionary tale on AI and parents who rely too much on technology to replace actual parenting when it comes to their kids.

A lot of movie fans have managed to consder the film as a modern take on Child’s Play, which featured the original killer doll in the form of Chucky. Though the Child’s Play reboot was received poorly for giving Chucky a sci-fi origin rather than his original magic one, M3GAN was wholly embraced my movie goers—especially the gay community.

The first movie may have resulted in the M3GAN doll being destroyed, but they did tease that she was able to move her consciousness to different technology that was all over the house. Naturally, we can expect an army of M3GANs in the sequel, but I am hoping that the filmmakers manage to come up with a more unique story.

M3GAN 2.0 is set to hit theaters on May 16, 2025.


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