Fallout is Amazon Prime Video’s Second Most-Watched Series

Fallout is Amazon Prime Video’s Second Most-Watched Series

It definitely looked like Amazon had very little faith in Fallout when they announced they would be releasing the full season in one day, but it does seem that the show is managing to do numbers.

According to Variety, Amazon is reporting that the show was able to pull in 65 miliion viewers during its first 16 days available on the platform, making it Amazon’s second most-watched show  ever since they debuted Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power back in 2022.

The show is said to be the most-watched among adults aged 18-34 with most of its audience coming from outside the US—specifically Brazil, France, and the UK.

It’s no mystery that the series has also managed to get a lot of great social media buzz when it debuted, with a 94% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I guess no amount of complaining about the ‘woke agenda’ is going to trump actual good storytelling and worldbuilding.

For now, Amazon has already announced the greenlight for Fallout to get a second season. We don’t know exactly where the series is going, but we do know that the Ghoul is on the search for his family—which is likely around Lucy’s vauly (31-33), and Maximus will be promoted in the ranks of the Brotherhood of Steel.

They also teased that Lucy’s father is reaching New Vegas, and gaming fans know there are all kinds of odd factions there as well. Hopefully we get more of this unique take of the Wasteland soon.

Catch Fallout now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


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