Star Wars Gets a ‘What If…?’ Series with LEGO Star Wars: Rebuild the Galaxy

Star Wars Gets a ‘What If…?’ Series with LEGO Star Wars: Rebuild the Galaxy

With Marvel getting its own alternate universe serieswith What If…?, there have been fans of Star Wars asking for the same thing. Though some can argue that Visions is pretty much it, LEGO has stepped up to bring SW fans their alternate reality fix.

Check out the teaser for LEGO Star Wars: Rebuild the Galaxy:

The gist is essentially something ‘rebuilds’ the Star Wars LEGO universe, and we get all kinds of mix-ups, not just with planets, but with ships and factions as well, with X-Wing TIE Fighters and AT-ATs which look to belong to the Rebellion.

LEGO Star Wars fans will also recognize ‘Jedi Bob’, a running gag among collectors since 2002 when LEGO released a set for a Republic Gunship and it came with a nameless Jedi which fans had lovingly called ‘Bob.’ They even have him keeping the classic yellow skin of the older SW sets.

Interestingly enough, Jedi Bob will be voiced by Bobby Moynihan:

With Lucasfilm being pretty strict with the Star Wars continuity, LEGO has been picking up the slack when it comes to more outrageous projects. They took over the Holiday Specials to branch out and cover other events like Halloween, and now they’re giving fans the What If/Star Wars series they’ve been clamouring for.

Let’s hope that Darth Jar Jar is just at the tip of the iceberg for this silly AU. I’d love some more ST-era characters to come back.

LEGO Star Wars: Rebuild the Galaxy premieres on Disney+ on Sept. 13.


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