Lord of the Rings Actors Pay Tribute to the Late Bernard Hill

Lord of the Rings Actors Pay Tribute to the Late Bernard Hill

Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy is filled with standout performances from just about anywhere, but fans are currently mourning the loss of Bernard Hill, the actor behind the leader or Rohan, King Theoden.

According to the BBC, Hill passed in the morning of May 5 at the age of 79. He was actually meant to make an appearance at Comic-Con Liverpool alongside other LOTR cast members, but he wasn’t able to make the event.

At the event though, Sean Astin and the rest of the Hobbit actors Elijah Wood, Dominic Mognahan, and Billy Boyd were able to make a tribute to Hill moments after news broke out that the actor had passed. Check this out:

Elijah Wood, on his Twitter, also posted a photo of Hill (by Viggo Mortensen no doubt) paying tribute to him:

Though the Fellowship actors usually get the most attention when it comes to the fandom, King Theoden has the great role of having some very epic monologues before he rides forth to death. The ‘Forth Eorlingas’ is considered to be one of the most epic cinematic moments of all-time for several fans; but there is also the last ride during the Battle of Helm’s Deep right before Gandalf’s arrival:

Besides Lord of the Rings, Hill is probably best known for his role as Captain Edward Smith of James Cameron’s Titanic. His last role is in the series The Responder starring alongside Hobbit star Martin Freeman.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is now available to stream on HBO Max.


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