For Your Eyes Only: Story Rumors on Bond 25

For Your Eyes Only: Story Rumors on Bond 25

European tabloid site Mirror may have let slip our first major details about Bond 25, including the title, villain, and inspiration for the story.

If the rumors prove to be true, Sony’s 25th James Bond adventure will be titled Shatterhand, and will be based on the 2001 Bond novel Never Dream of Dying by Raymond Benson. Benson wrote novels about the British super-spy between 1997 and 2003, including novelizations of three Brosnan-era Bond films. This would be the first adaptation of one of his original novels, but then the franchise ran out of Ian Fleming stories to adapt back in the 80s.

If Shatterhand keeps closely to the novel, the film would see Bond take on a blind French terrorist, with help or hindrance (probably both) from an actress named Tylyn Migonne.

Returning Bond faces?

The leaks also detail a break from the book’s story, as rumors claim that producers are trying to bring back the villains of Spectre: Christoph Waltz as Blofeld, and Dave Bautista as his henchman Mr. Hinx. Hinx was apparently killed in Spectre, but Blofeld is alive, in prison, and almost certainly plotting vengeance against his foster-brother nemesis. A return appearance of Waltz’ master villain would make sense if the producers intend to continue with the current iteration of 007, instead of rebooting. Mr. Hinx would take more work, but would be within the realm of plausibility for this franchise.

Daniel Craig has not officially signed on for a fifth outing as 007, but is believed to be considering it. French filmmaker Yann Demange, best known for the historical thriller ’71, is considered the front runner to direct the film.

As of now, this all remains unconfirmed. The one thing we do know for sure about Bond 25 is that it will be released in November of 2019.

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