Check Out Gag Reel for Moon Knight

Check Out Gag Reel for Moon Knight

Moon Knight released back in 2022, and ever since we haven’t gotten any update on the world of Marc Spector. Disney did release the Blu-Ray for the series though, and that comes with an extra feature in the form of a gag reel.

Check this out:

Though there has been a decline in physical media since the rise of streaming, there are still some fans who have been demanding that some shows get physical releases—specifically Marvel and Star Wars series that released straight on Disney+.

Besides the novelty of collecting, there has also been a rising concern with the recent moves of characters like WB Discovery head David Zaslav who has been opting to delete IP on the HBO platform for tax write offs. Even some creators online have been encouraging fans to pirate their material because there will be no other way to view them legally.

In a now-deleted post from Over the Garden Wall creator Patrick McHale, he writes, “I hope somebody is out there ripping & saving all the stuff on streaming services because I’m pretty sure so much of it s gonna just disappear and become lost media.”

As for Moon Knight, the property was considered unique when it came out, but there hasn’t been any updates on the character or what Disney wants to do with the IP. Will Oscar Isaac even be willing to come back to reprise the role? We’ll just have to wait and see.

For now, you can check out Moon Knight now streaming on Disney+.


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