TRON: Ares Set Photos Reveal Jared Leto in a New Light Suit

TRON: Ares Set Photos Reveal Jared Leto in a New Light Suit

Disney had already released an official photo of the lead character of TRON: Ares played by Jared Leto, and though we expect him to start out working for the villains, a lot are speculating that he will eventually turn to the side of the ‘users.’

What’s interesting is, some set photos from Ares have leaked online, and it looks like Leto will be wearing a new, updated light suit from the one we saw in the official promo image. Check this out:

For context, here’s a look at the first suit that was revealed.

Looking back at TRON: Legacy, the light suits have mostly been skintight with some neon embelishments, but the suit we see Leto wearing in the set photo kind of harkens to a bulkier look that was sported by Sark in the original TRON. I’m wouldn’t be surprised if it came with some kind of matching helmet.

As for the plot of Ares, the movie is said to be picking up where Legacy left off, albeit through a different character’s lens. With Quorra the ISO (Olivia Wilde) making the jump from the Grid to the real world, it’s said that Leto’s program Ares will also be making the same jump, but we may see him have a change of heart—despite what his programming entails.

Thought Legacy may not have been the hit Disney was expecting, the movie still got a cult following, and a lot of fans had been waiting years for the sequel. Though we are getting a whole new cast, it would be great if we could get some returning faces from the previous films—even just an update on what Sam and Quorra were up to after Legacy.

TRON: Ares is set to release in theaters on Oct. 10, 2025.


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