The Claws Come Out in Full Trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine

The Claws Come Out in Full Trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine was only teased in the first preview for Deadpool & Wolverine, but now we get to see him back at it with the latest trailer for the movie.

Check the trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine out:

Though we know that Wade gets hired by the TVA to be ‘Marvel Jesus’, we also get a bit of background on this version of Logan. It does look like this Wolverine is the reason his world is dead and him teaming up with Deadpool will be his redemption arc.

Besides a lot of Logan, we also get a look at Cassandra Nova (Emma Corrin), who looks to be the main villain of the series. In the comics, Nova is Professor X’s ‘dark twin’ who Xavier tried to kill while they were in the womb together—no, seriously.

It looks like Nova is the one who runs this 20th Century Fox Marvel wasteland, and we get to see some discarded characters from early X-Men films including Lady Deathstrike (X-Men 2), Azazel (X-Men: First Class), and Callisto (X-Men: The Last Stand). Even when Nova is instroduced, we see her getting off of what some assume is Charles Xavier’s wheelchair.

Of course, we should also expect some references to non-Fox properties in Deadpool &  Wolverine. We get to see Alioth, the cloud monster at the end of time from Loki; and Nova’s base of operations looks to be the dead body of Giant/Ant-Man—something right out of Old Man Logan.

So far, a very obscure cameo-fest looks to be happening, but I am hoping that director Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds have a meaningful story in mind for Deadpool’s jump into the MCU. I’m just honestly hoping this doesn’t mean 10 more years of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine because I would love for someone else to finally take on the role.

Deadpool & Wolverine is set to come into theaters on July 26.


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