Aaron Paul Could Get Cast in Fallout Season 2 (If It Gets Greenlit)

Aaron Paul Could Get Cast in Fallout Season 2 (If It Gets Greenlit)

It may not have looked like Amazon had a lot of faith in the Fallout adaptation when they released the whole season at once, but everyone has been gushing about the show online and is making comparisons with HBO’s The Last of Us.

It’s not clear if we’re going to get a second season yet, but director Jonathan Nolan already knows who he could bring onboard for Fallout Season 2. In an interview with IGN, Nolan was asked on which celebrities would want to be on the show, and Nolan confirms that Westworld star Aaron Paul might want in. He says:

Aaron Paul. Yeah, Aaron Paul was at the premiere, a human being I love so much. And he was very polite. He was very enthusiastic about the show. There was sort of an unspoken kind of like, “What’s up, man?” But we’ve been hearing from so many people, and it’s kind of fun to see the Fallout fans come out of the woodwork. People you’ve known a long time and you realize, “Oh, you’ve been playing this whole time.” So it’s been a lot of fun.

With the world being as vast as it is, there’s definitely plenty of room for Paul to show up, whether as a guest character or a main cast member. Notable celebrity cameos for the first season include Matt Berry, Fred Armisen, and Chris Parnell.

One cameo I would personally love to have in the series is Rick and Morty and Community creator Dan Harmon; who has played Fallout and is known to put showrunner cameos in his series like with Micthell Hurwitz (Arrested Development) and Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad).

For now, fans are still waiting on the announcement of a second season, but a lot of people have been raving about the show—both longtime fans of the games and newcomers. Hopefully Paul will be free to have a substantial role in the future.

A second season of Fallout hasn’t been officially greenlit, but you can watch the whole first season now available on Amazon Prime Video.


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