Colman Domingo Being Eyed to Play Villain in Next Jurassic World Movie

Colman Domingo Being Eyed to Play Villain in Next Jurassic World Movie

After The Creator, director Gareth Edwards was said to have signed on to direct the next Jurassic World film, and stars like Scarlett Johansson were said to have been attached. Now it looks like the cast is getting rounded out.

According to insider Daniel RPK (via @HollywoodHandle), Colman Domingo (Euphoria, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts) is being eyed to play the main antagonist of what is being dubbed as Jurassic City. We don’t have any details on what his role could be, but if we’re keeping to the themes of the franchise, it will probably have something to do with a scientist who is in over their head trying to achieve some kind of immoral goal with the dinosaurs.

Funnily enough, after playing Unicron for the Transformers, Domingo is also said to have been eyed to replace Jonathan Majors as Kang the Conqueror in the MCU. We don’t know how far that deal has gone, Domingo has been getting more attention recently, and all he really needs is a role in the spotlight to solidify his name as a strong talent.

Who knows, maybe a starring role as the antagonist of the next Jurassic movie could make Marvel’s mind up on taking him on as Kang. Then again, it will have to depend on how great the part is.

We don’t know much about the next Jurassic movie, but hopefully it will bring us back to this new alternate reality where dinosaurs have been released on the Earth, and humans will have to find a way to co-exist peacefully.

The next Jurassic World movie is said to be aiming for a release on July 2, 2025.


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