Deborah and Ava Find Each Other Again in Trailer for Hacks Season 3

Deborah and Ava Find Each Other Again in Trailer for Hacks Season 3

The second season of HBO’s Hacks ended with Deborah firing Ava to allow her to find her own voice out of her shadow, and while it does seem like it does end on a high note, we should expect things not to be as rosy as they turn out to be.

The third season is set to come back this May, and we have our first trailer. Check this out:

The synopsis for the season reads:

“A year after parting, Deborah Vance (Jean Smart) is riding high off the success of her standup special while Ava (Hannah Einbinder) pursues new opportunities back in Los Angeles.”

Though Deborah was kind of a washed out comic when we first meet her in Hacks, we spend the second season with her trying to get into new material thanks to the pushing of Ava.

The series isn’t really shy about how imperfect the relationship of the two is. While Ava does have fierce appreciation for Deborah’s trailblazing and natural talent, she has no qualms about calling out how old-fashioned and not politically correct her material could be.

On the other hand, Deborah has a lot to teach Ava, but she can get so incredibly petty; and top that off with her endless amount of money and she can be downright cruel to the underdog that is Ava.

Personally, I’m just so happy to see the show back. The characters and drama is fantastic, and while I thought Season 2 could have been the perfect sendoff, I’m wondering where we could see the girls again in Season 3.

Hacks returns to Max on May 2.


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