Amazon Renews Fallout for a Second Season

Amazon Renews Fallout for a Second Season

When it was announced that Amazon’ Fallout would have its whole season released on day one, a lot of fans thought that this was a sign that the network had no faith in the project, but lo and behold, Fallout is a critical hit, and it’s resulted in the massive uptick in sales for Fallout 4 the game.

Not to keep fans holding their breath for too long, Amazon has now announced that a second season of the series has been greenlit. Here’s the official post:

We don’t have an official synopsis for the second season yet, but the finale did leave us with enough breadcrumbs to find out exactly where we could be going.


For one, we get to see Lucy (Ella Purnell) and The Ghoul (Walton Goggins) teaming up to go after the Vault-Tec heads , with the Ghoul hoping that he can find his family. We also see that Maximus (Aaron Moten) has been marked a hero by the Brotherhood of Steel and we should expect him to have had a huge promotion by Season 2.

We also get to see in Vault 33 that Lucy’s brother Norm had found himself trapped in Vault 31 with the cryogenically frozen bodies of the Vault-Tec VIPs a.k.a. Bud’s Buds. Norm was given the choice to freeze himself or starve, but his decision is left for the audience to imagine until the next season.

As for Lucy’s dad, we also see him making his way to New Vegas, which Fallout players know also has its own factions of survivors.

If anything, the show has been lauded as a great introduction into the Wasteland, and we have a fantastic trio of leads. We don’t know how far Jonathan Nolan plans to have the show run, and after the cancellation of Westworld, I’m just happy he gets to play in a different sci-fi sandbox.

No release date has been announced for Fallout Season 2, but you can catch the fantastic first season now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


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