Five Monstrous Shazam Villains to Replace Black Adam

Five Monstrous Shazam Villains to Replace Black Adam

With Justice League opening soon, and filming wrapping up on Aquaman, the next DCEU movie to start filming is Shazam! Pre-production is underway, and casting announcements are expected soon, but the number two question after “Who will play Billy Batson and his adult counterpart” is “Who will be the Shazam villains be?”

The original plan, of course, was for the villain to be Captain Marvel-now-Shazam’s predecessor and classic primary nemesis, Black Adam, played by Dwayne Johnson. But now Black Adam is planned to have his own movie. It’s entirely possible that Shazam and Black Adam will rumble in a future sequel, but in the meantime, they’ll need other Shazam villains for Billy Batson’s debut movie.

Director David F. Sandberg may have picked one, and we may even hear who’s playing them by month’s end, but in the meantime, we have some suggestions.

(Spoilers: none of them are Mr. Banjo.)

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