Lord and Miller Looking for Their Lando in Han Solo Film

Lord and Miller Looking for Their Lando in Han Solo Film

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When a stand-alone Han Solo movie was announced last year by Kathleen Kennedy and Lucasfilm many fans had dozens of questions. Who would play Han? Would they keep his origin from the old canon? How did he get the Falcon? More importantly would characters we see in the original films have a presence in the movie? Characters like Chewy (obviously, yes), Boba Fett, and of course the only person he trusted with the Falcon, Lando Calrissian. It appears we may have our answer.

In a new report out by TheWrap , Phil Lord and Chris Miller are actively searching for a young Lando Calrissian before filming starts in early 2017. Very little is known about the extent of the role and if it will be a cameo-level addition, or a full on supporting role. His inclusion in the movie suggests we will see how the two became friends and how Han won the “hunk of junk” from Lando.

Image via Island REcords
Image via Island Records

As far as who will play the baron administrator of Cloud City one name has emerged as the leading contender: Donald Glover. This isn’t Glover’s first wack at a major Hollywood franchise, he actively campaigned to play Miles Morales in the Spider-Man reboot after Raimi’s Spider-Man 3. There was a lot fan support for him to become the next Spider-Man, even getting the backing of Stan Lee, but the role ultimately went to Andrew Garfield. In a bit of irony, he was recently cast in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming in an unspecified role.

The actor, writer, and rapper has been on the rise since his debut on the hit comedy Community. Starring in blockbusters like Magic Mike XXL and The Martian, Glover  went from writer on a hit TV show (30 Rock) to Hollywood star. Adding to his writing and acting ability, he is also a successful rap artist and goes by the name Childish Gambino, releasing albums such as Because the Internet and Camp, all while gathering a big fan following.

Finding the right actor who can convincingly play the charisma and charm that Billy Dee Williams played so effortlessly will be a difficult task. Whether or not Glover is up to the task remains to be seen.

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