The Kids Are Alright in Runaways Trailer

The Kids Are Alright in Runaways Trailer

The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand into television, moving beyond ABC and Netflix with the Hulu exclusive Runaways. And the first Runaways trailer shows the teen would-be-heroes assembling. Check it out below.

Runaways focuses on a group of teens, forced to spend time together because their parents are all colleagues, who learn a dark secret. Their parents are a powerful crime organisation known as the Pride. And they’re not just criminals, they’re super-criminals. After witnessing their parents doing something dreadful, the teens must band together to go on the run.

Nico Minoru learns that her family are powerful magic users, something she inherits when she steals their weapon, the Staff of One. Karolina Dean learns she’s an alien, possessing powers she never knew about. Gertrude Yorkes’ parents are time travellers, and she discovers she has a telepathic bond with a dinosaur. The jock of the group, Chase Stein, is the son of mad scientists, and manages to steal some of their tech. Young Molly Hayes is a mutant with incredible strength. And prodigy Alex Wilder, whose parents appear to be in charge, must find a way to lead his fellow runaways.

A lot of this comic lore is present in the Runaways trailer, including the entire original team roster. The Staff of One makes an appearance at 1:02, and Gertrude appears to be meeting her dinosaur at 1:04. Molly has been changed significantly from her comics incarnation, changing from tween Molly Hayes to teen Molly Hernandez, and her powers will need to come from another source, given Fox’s exclusive rights to Marvel’s mutants.

The young actors playing the main characters are mainly unknowns, but there are some familiar faces amongst their parents. James Marsters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) plays Chase’s father, Victor Stein; Kevin Weisman (Alias) plays Gertrude’s time-travelling father Dale Yorkes; and Annie Wersching (24) is Carolina’s (probably) alien mother, Leslie Dean.

We’ll find out how close Runaways sticks to the twists, turns, betrayals, and casualties of the comics when the series arrives on Hulu next month.

Runaways is released on November 21st.

Image: Hulu


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