Andy and Barbara Take IT Fan Questions on Twitter

Andy and Barbara Take IT Fan Questions on Twitter

Andy and Barbara Muschietti, director and producer of Steven King’s IT, took to the film’s official Twitter account to take IT fan questions. The submitted questions covered a wide range of topics, including why there was no mention of a key aspect of the original story.

The deadlights are there, if you’re watching. Now, as to behind the scenes questions…

What was the most emotional scene for the young stars to film? Apparently, one of the last ones to be shot.

Which scenes were the favorites to film, or the most challenging?

On that note, how was Georgie, the youngest of the cast, to work with?

As scary as the final product was, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t fun on the set. The most fun they had?

It wasn’t just fans submitting questions… one of the film’s stars also got in on the action.

See all the IT fan questions on the IT movie Twitter page.

IT is in theaters now. Check out our review here.

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