10 Things From ‘WWE Raw,’ June 13th, 2016

10 Things From ‘WWE Raw,’ June 13th, 2016

2. Pre-season Cena

If WrestleMania is WWE‘s Super Bowl, then Raw right now is kind of like training camp, except unlike the NFL, wrestlers are always on TV. It’s summer, so while normal people are watching blockbuster films, WWE can put John Cena through the Herculean labors that will lead to next spring.

It doesn’t matter where they place Cena and Styles on this Sunday’s Money in the Bank card. We know that this will be the real main event.

We should also correct ourselves for our attitude earlier this evening. After a great segment with the Shield, the Cena and Styles contract signing is even better. This angle echoes another great moment from the nineties, when Ric Flair jumped ship from WCW to challenge Hulk Hogan. In fashion typical of the company even then, we never got Hogan vs. Flair. (Bash At The Beach ’94 doesn’t count.) Cena vs. Styles isn’t quite the same, but both men have enough history to make this a classic.

cena styles
Photo Credit: WWE

Cena does a great job of putting Styles over, dropping indie promotion names like he just got a Pro Wrestling Torch subscription. It’s cool to hear him mention Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerillas, and New Japan. As you’d expect, TNA doesn’t come up. Must be a PG thing. Styles is cool and brash, as always.

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