Fox announced Alien Day recently to make people think a good way to celebrate a movie franchise is to spend money. LV-426 is the planet where the movie Aliens happened so April 26 is that day.

If this seems like a stretch of movie re-release merchandise to you, then one of the marketing tie-ins might be just the thing. So what about the Reebok Stompers Sigourney Weaver wore in Aliens, thirty years ago? Reebok sold those to coincide with the release of the movie and now, much like those Nikes from Back to the Future, they are back again.


For men, there will be a low top version of the shoes like Bishop wore when he did that freaky fast robot running in Aliens. Not sure if anyone remembers what those shoes looked like but we are hoping that someone releases suit coats with those upturned collars like Paul Reiser’s character had to wear.

Very futuristic.


Alien and Aliens will also be showing in select theaters as part of the day, along with some other random things to celebrate, including several other ways to spend money and a Twitter contest where you can win prizes every 42.6 minutes.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter