On 23 September 2016 the second season of Ash vs. Evil Dead will broadcast on Starz. Empire dropped the first official image from the latest season of the hit show. In the image, we see Ash Williams party hard with some frat members. So Ash clearly has little to no remorse for the conclusion of Season 1.

The first season of Ash vs. Evil Dead was nothing short of a success. The popularity of Sam Rammi’s latest project basically forced Starz to green light a second season before the premiere aired. For those who have not watched, Bruce Campbell’s Ash Williams fights off demons, known as ‘Deadites,’ after accidentally releasing them from hell. The story picks up from movies The Evil Dead and The Evil Dead 2.

Whether you are a fan of the original, you prefer the remake, or you favor the show, we can all agree that Ash Williams is the most lovable anti-hero in the history of television. The well-balanced combination of writing and acting help Bruce Campbell portray the complex degenerate. So what will we see from Ash vs. Evil Dead in Season 2?

Spoilers Ahead

Last season concluded with a couple of game changers, the biggest being the loss of the Necronomicon (the book that released the Deadites) to Ruby Knowby. After loosing the book of evil, Ash vowed he would return to his favorite place, Jacksonville, Florida. Based on the image, it seems that Ash made it to Florida, and he now numbs his fear of the apocalypse with the use of narcotics. And, that is the kind of twisted, dark comedy that works so well! There are several months between now and the season premiere. Surely, more will surface as we get closer to 23 September 2016. Until Ash vs. Evil Dead comes back, keep your chainsaw arm well oiled with a full tank of gas.