The highest grossing ‘R’ rated film will be available to purchase on 10 May 2016! Deadpool shocked the world when it set all sorts of records, and fans couldn’t get enough. Ryan Reynolds announced the news via Twitter.

Maybe Deadpool will set some home video records as well.¬†Keep in mind, Deadpool definitively changed the superhero genre. The home release opens up more opportunity for the writers and Reynolds to get creative. We all know Deadpool breaks the fourth wall, so will the DVD/Blu-ray versions have some different content? Will Deadpool acknowledge the fact that he is no longer in theaters?¬† The possibilities are endless, and the notion isn’t too far off considering the previous promos. Perhaps we’ll get a different end credit scene. Don’t forget about bonus features.¬†Who knows where that could lead! Whether you saw the film once or multiple times, this will be a release to keep on your radar.


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Oh, you reading this article, perhaps you never got to know the nostalgic LaserDisc. Well, every librarian’s worst nightmare, Wikipedia, will fill you in on the magic. Seriously, check it out. It will humble you and your Blu-rays.

Image via 20th Century Fox