Top Ten ‘Legend of Zelda’ Games

Top Ten ‘Legend of Zelda’ Games

3) Skyward Sword

skyward sword

Take a deep breath, relax, this will probably be the most controversial one, so here we go. Skyward Sword gets a lot of criticism, both fair and unfair. When it first came out it was almost universally praised by critics. IGN gave it a perfect ten and many others followed suit. Then about a year after it’s release is when fans began to turn on it, most famously EgoRaptor from the Game Grumps. It’s our humble opinion that the game is far too harshly criticized.

The story is by far the greatest in the franchise and has fantastic character development. The typical narrative of Link meeting Zelda through the course of the game is gone. Instead Link and Zelda are old friends and the game does a great job of establishing that right from the get go. This game hints at a romantic relationship. So when Zelda inevitably needs saving you have actual motivation because you want to save your friend/ romantic interest.

The motion controls are often criticized and pointed to as to what broke the game for people. With the exception of having to recalibrate a handful of times, the controls work well. It’s a new way to play a Zelda game and it added a brand new dimension. Twilight Princess had motion controls, but you could  just wave the remote and get through the game. In Skyward Sword that just isn’t possible. Each interaction with an enemy is a puzzle in itself and paying attention is important.

Skyward Sword is the chronologically first Zelda game. During the course of the journey you forge the blade of evil’s bane, the Master Sword. Link starts in Skylofts, a city above the clouds and you explore the surface below. It’s great to finally have some kind of explanation where all this stuff came from. Introducing a brand new villain in Ghirahim, who is nothing like we’ve seen before. He’s a mix between David Bowie and pure evil and is very different from Ganondorf. You fight him a number of times of the journey and he gets angrier everytime you defeat him. It’s a blast to defeat him each time and is a great antagonist.

Finally, let’s talk about Fi. Theres a 99.24% chance you cringed at the mention of her name. Yes, Fi can be annoying, but no more than Navi can be in Ocarina of Time. She is the spirit of the Master Sword, and like Link, grows stronger over the adventure. The ending can make you tear up. Through the journey you’ve truly become companions and even though she’s a robot, she feels something. Seeing Link show his emotions toward her is great, and once again shows development through the game. Every single time the Master Sword is in a Zelda game, that’s Fi. She is in every Zelda game and has been with every hero.

Skyward Sword has it’s problems, but it makes up for them and then some through its story.

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