Top Ten ‘Legend of Zelda’ Games

Top Ten ‘Legend of Zelda’ Games

7) A Link Between Worlds

a link between worlds

Originally starting as a remake of A Link to the Past, this 3Ds title became a brand new game altogether. Effortlessly blending classic 2D Zelda and inserting new ideas into it’s storied past. A Link Between Worlds is in the same Hyrule we see in A Link to the Past, with many of the same landmarks still intact. What’s so great about this game is how it wasn’t afraid to take a lot of different risks. Before its release, a lot of fans were expressing concerns the Zelda formula had gotten too outdated and used. In a typical Zelda game, you can usually get an important item in a dungeon. That item acts as a key to progress further in the dungeon, and therefore the game. The problem is outside of that dungeon the item is irrelevant (looking at you Spinner from Twilight Princess).

Link Between Worlds spins that formula on its head. Basically from the start of the game you have access to all of the items you will need. Through the mysterious Ravio, you are able to buy or rent everything necessary for your adventure. This allows you to play the game in a much more open environment, because it allows you to complete the dungeons in any order. It’s very much in the spirit of the original Zelda and was a nice change of pace for the franchise.

The story is great. Often nodding to the events of  A Link to the Past and other games in the series. Becoming a drawing of Link and attaching to the walls is a brand new way to explore and solve puzzles and is used to perfection. Add in Lorule,the darker version of Hyrule, complete with its own versions of people in Hyrule and you have a great Zelda game. Yuga is a great villain, even if his motivations are a little weak. The true stand-out “villain” is Princess Hilda who is the opposite of Princess Zelda. Her motivations are all to save her dying kingdom and isn’t you expect in a Zelda game. A Link Between Worlds was a nice change of pace and that’s what makes it great.

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