Barry is “Forgetting His Powers” When ‘The Flash’ Season 3 Starts

Barry is “Forgetting His Powers” When ‘The Flash’ Season 3 Starts

We already knew that big changes were coming in The Flash season 3. After Barry changed the entire timeline by saving his mother in last season’s finale, the new run will adapt fan favourite comic book storyline “Flashpoint” to the screen and show us a completely different world to the one we are used to. It turns out, though, that the timewarp will also have an unexpected personal effect on Barry Allen.

Speaking to DC All Access (via ComicBookResources), Grant Gustin himself spoke a bit more about where Barry is at the start of season 3.

“Barry is the only one that knows the timeline is different, and his memories are starting to get replaced from the previous timeline with new memories, like graduating high school and graduating college, moments with his family.

When he realizes those memories are replacing other memories, that’s when he starts to realize how selfish of a decision this was and that maybe he should try, at least, to put things back the way they were.

In the same sense that he’s forgetting a lot of memories, it means he’s forgetting his powers too. So it’s like he’s having a full Back to the Future moment, where essentially his hand is disappearing in front of him.”

Whoah, so we won’t be seeing such a powerful Flash next time around? That’ll prove difficult when fighting the latest maniacal metahuman to threaten Central City. If only there was another speedster knocking about to help him. You know, maybe a family member in a yellow suit or something…

You can watch the full video below, or jump ahead to the chat about The Flash at around the 2:10 timestamp. There is also some interesting discussion from the cast about Wally becoming Kid Flash and how that affects the West family dynamic.


The Flash speeds back onto our screens on Tuesday 4th October on The CW. 

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