PlayStation Reportedly Uncertain of a PS5

PlayStation Reportedly Uncertain of a PS5

Shuhei Yoshida loves to tease; it’s his schtick and probably why the PlayStation Nation has so much love and respect for him. Yeah, he’s played Sony Bend’s new game and he’s seen footage of what Sucker Punch is working on, but the President of Sony Worldwide Studios may have insight even he’s not willing to touch on just yet.

According to Lorne Lanning, creator of the Outworld series, during dinner before their GDC talk last year, Shu vaguely revealed an interesting bit of information. It’s public knowledge that typically within months after a new console launch, R&D teams get to work on the next product. Curious, Lanning asked Shu about PlayStation 5: “I said, ‘well, what does the PlayStation 5 look like?’ and he said ‘you mean if’. […] I said ‘are you willing to say that on a stage?’ and he said ‘yeah, it’s an if’.”

“It was a really interesting thing,” Lanning told Ben Reeves on the Game Informer Show, “and he didn’t give me a clear answer, but he’s hinting at [needing] to be more agile. None of us know what the future really looks like, so how do we adapt faster? To me that’s the way he was thinking about it […] The idea that you’re going to be releasing a piece of technology that lasts seven years into the future, I think, is less and less viable.”


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His comments on Shu and PS5 begin at the 45 minute timestamp. 


Because of the rumors flooding the internet about the alleged PlayStation 4.5, reportedly codenamed NEO, Shu’s uncertainty regarding the next PlayStation console strikes a fascinating chord. Could he have then been alluding to the NEO that would have, presumably, at that time been in early development? Again, Shu likes to tease, but there’s some validity here that cannot be denied in the wake of the last several weeks.

The PlayStation 4 is leading the console race, at an estimated 2:1 ratio over the Xbox One, so it seems odd the publisher would be willing to hedge their bets on an updated version so early in this generation’s life cycle. Fan backlash at the rumors may have Sony rethinking things, but if PS5 really is a no go, maybe this NEO console isn’t so bad after all.


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