Nintendo’s ‘MH’ Handheld Speculation Cleared Up

Nintendo’s ‘MH’ Handheld Speculation Cleared Up

A translation of a financial report recently alleged Nintendo had a new handheld planned, which it was developing alongside the still mysterious NX home console. The handheld, supposedly codenamed MH, was said to be a next-gen device that would switch some of the company’s focus in its business strategy. However, Kantan Games CEO Dr. Serkan Toto, has cleared up the speculation by taking to social media.

Toto begins by shedding light on the fact that the report does not entail production of a handheld, it merely pictures “a scenario.”



He also clarifies that the kind of wording used is a means of crafting a “forward-looking analysis,” which is “standard for investor notes.” Toto later received and read the analysis himself, then returned to his Twitter account to briefly elaborate on a few more points of interests. His conclusion regarding the company “picturing a scenario” was correct, and he again notes how company’s use this sort of “future-oriented” analysis frequently. Toto also revealed the report he received was much longer than what was being discussed online. Additionally, he added the MH codename was only used to make the “report more readable.”

For now, Nintendo’s NX will stay shrouded in mystery until they’re ready to talk. While it looked like this alleged handheld was going to offer a bit more context about the console’s being a new way to play games, the rumors surrounding it will have to be cast aside. We know there won’t be any news about the new device coming at this year’s E3. However, information should begin releasing sooner rather than later, as the company has stated they’re planning for a March 2017 launch.


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