New Trailer for IT Floats Eerily Into View

New Trailer for IT Floats Eerily Into View

Like a sinister red balloon floating through a library, the second trailer for IT appeared on the internet today, ready to creep us all out. Because if there’s something more unsettling than Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard surrounded by disturbing clown dolls and puppets, any one of which might be waiting to attack, we don’t want to know. Check the trailer out below.

Based on the novel by Stephen King, IT tells the story of an evil being, appearing as the clown Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård), feeding on the children of Derry. Seven outcast children, who come to call themselves the Loser’s Club, must stand together as Pennywise and the town bullies target them.

While the first trailer only gave a few peeks at Pennywise, this one gives us a few proper looks at the clown in all his spooky glory. And he’s looking pretty perfect as the nightmare figure that Pennywise represents. There are a few glimpses of his campaign of terror against the Losers, but plenty of scares and unsettling red balloons are no doubt left to come.

The trailer also speaks to the more atmospheric horror of the story, as the influence of “It” goes far beyond the clown diguise. The curse of Derry causes the adults to actively ignore everything that’s going wrong in the town, or even participate. Only the Loser’s Club realize what’s really happening, and are the only ones who can stop it.

IT focuses on the first half of King’s novel. In the book, and the 1990 miniseries, the Loser’s Club reunite thirty years later when Pennywise returns. Nothing has been announced, but if this film is successful, Warner Bros. may greenlight a sequel based on the adult half of the book. We’ll have to see what happens when summer ends and Pennywise descends onto our screens.

IT pounces suddenly, menacingly into theaters on September 8th.

Image: Warner Bros.


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