Mel Gibson in Talks to Direct ‘Suicide Squad 2’

We are all familiar with the concept of the phoenix—a fictional bird that is known for being reborn from the ashes of its predecessor (see Fawkes from Harry Potter if you are not so up-to-date on your Greek mythology). Actor and director Mel Gibson is currently undergoing a social rebirth of sorts. Not only has he been nominated for the Best Director award at this year’s Oscars, but he might get the opportunity to make his mark on pop culture with what would be his first foray into the DCEU.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gibson is in talks with Warner Bros. to direct Suicide Squad 2. Of course, the talks are in their earliest stages and the studio is apparently still considering other directors, including Daniel Espinosa (Safe House). THR sites unnamed sources as saying Gibson is familiarizing himself with the comics and no commitment has yet been made.

Gibson’s fall from grace started in the early 2000’s shortly after the release of his highly financially successful film, The Passion of the Christ. Gibson was found inebriated and making anti-Semitic comments, which quickly lead to a decline in not only his career but his family life. However, Gibson started making a comeback in 2010 with The Edge of Darkness. His nomination for Best Director this year will make it the second time Gibson has been nominated for the award since Braveheart.

Mel Gibson is definitely an interesting choice for Suicide Squad 2’s director, especially since he made some rather blunt comments about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, since the theme of the day is second chances, it can be said that Gibson has strong directing chops and might be a good choice for Warner Bros., especially considering the hype surrounding Hacksaw Ridge.

According to Variety reporter Justin Kroll, Gibson has ties to Will Smith (a.k.a. Suicide Squad’s Deadshot), and he is welcomed by Warner Bros. to take the role of director if he wants it.

One thing is for certain, if he does take on the role, Mel Gibson’s Hollywood comeback will be almost as astonishing as the mythological phoenix.



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