5 Marvel Heroes Who Deserve a Netflix Series

5 Marvel Heroes Who Deserve a Netflix Series

2. Ms Marvel


There is a legitimate argument to be made right now that the Marvel Cinematic Universe really needs to work on its diversity. Though the next few years will bring the first MCU movies to star a person of colour and a woman, things really need to ramp up soon. A Ms Marvel series would certainly help with this, as the character is Marvel‘s first Muslim superhero.

The real reason Ms Marvel should get her own Netflix show, however, is that she is just a great character. Often called this generation’s Spider-Man, Kamala Khan is a regular New York teen who finds out she is an Inhuman (see Agents of SHIELD for more) with shapeshifting abilities. She has been a hugely successful character since she debuted in 2013, so Marvel really should get on to introducing her to the MCU soon.

Kamala is also inspired by her idol Captain Marvel, so if they wanted to do a Ms Marvel series they have a perfect window of opportunity after the Captain Marvel movie arrives in 2018.  


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