‘Kong: Skull Island’ Post-Credit Scene Likely to Feature [Redacted], Other Beastly Icons

‘Kong: Skull Island’ Post-Credit Scene Likely to Feature [Redacted], Other Beastly Icons

Not everyone has had the childhood pleasure of watching the old Godzilla movies on VHS back when campiness was cool and voice dubbing over live actors apparently hadn’t yet been mastered. 2014’s Godzilla brought everyone’s favorite gargantuan lizard god/monster back to the big screen in a way that involved quite a few more feels than one might have expected from a Godzilla film. We know a second Godzilla film is on it’s way in 2019, currently appearing on IMDB as Godzilla: King of Monsters (a title King Kong would likely take issue with). Well, it appears that, though no one knows yet, there might be a slight hint (if not quite proof) that King Kong’s competition might make an appearance (or, at least be directly referenced) in the Kong: Skull Island post credits scene. And not just Godzilla, but other iconic monsters as well.

The fact that the new Kong film would feature a post-credits scene was revealed several days ago (and, really, who hasn’t come to expect end credit scenes from big, action block-busters these days?). However, what that scene features is still a mystery. According to We Got This Covered, no press screenings showed the end credits scene, so it looks like we will all have to find out together. However, they did notice SciFi Japan’s report that the Kong: Skull Island credits features the following line:

Characters of “Godzilla,” “King Ghidorah,” “Mothra” and “Rodan” created and owned by Toho Co., Ltd.

While this licensing statement doesn’t necessarily prove anything per se regarding how these characters will be included in the film, the fact these characters are credited does indicate that Godzilla, Mothra and Rodan will either appear in the end credits scene or will at least be mentioned or otherwise referenced since we know they do not appear in the film itself. Since Warner Bros. is expanding the Godzilla universe, this makes sense.

So, will we get to see a glimpse of our reptilian overlord emerging from the sea to take on the Kong (or, some other foe), or at least hear whispers of what will eventually lead into the next Godzilla film? It appears so, but we will have to wait until March 10 when Kong: Skull Island releases in theaters to know exactly how these famous beasts will be featured. Until then, those of us old enough, and nerdy enough, to still have our Godzilla action figures can create our own end credits scene in the privacy of our own home and be (mostly) unashamed of it.

Image: Warner Bros.


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