Game of Thrones – Top 7 Moments: Daenerys Targaryen

Game of Thrones – Top 7 Moments: Daenerys Targaryen

This is part of a special GeekFeed series in which we cover the top 7 moments for the remaining 7 original characters leading up to the Season 7 premiere on July 16th. If you’re seeing a theme, you are correct.  

By the Light of the Seven, we present Daenerys Targaryen’s top 7 series moments (in chronological order)…

It would be an understatement to say that Daenerys Targaryen (we’ll call her Dany) is the one to beat in the race for the Iron Throne.  After all, by the end of Season 6, she amassed an impressive collection of armies and ships, Tyrion Lannister as her Hand of the Queen, and three full-grown dragons. The only other person with a legitimate claim to the Iron Throne would be Jon Snow now that we know he’s half Targaryen. But given the lack of excitement he shows with any leadership position, chances are he doesn’t even want the damn thing. So, she’s got this in the bag, right?

Not so fast. We’ve seen across six seasons that while Dany’s heart is in the right place, she has too often been guided by these things called principles and values that have clouded her judgment and kept her from being the kind of savvy politician that you need to be in order to be a successful ruler. Her intermittent self-righteousness has often gotten in the way of her seeing the realities of the world around her, and it’s not enough to be just be doing “what’s right” if you’re going to rule the Seven Kingdoms. Still, her journey has been an exhilarating one, peppered with moments of vulnerability, the merciless delivery of justice, and an unwavering devotion to her fellow man, with a couple of boneheaded moves thrown in for fun.

Next: Dany births her dragon babies with an assist from Drogo’s pyre.


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