Game of Thrones – Top 7 Moments: Arya Stark

Game of Thrones – Top 7 Moments: Arya Stark

This is one part of a special GeekFeed Game of Thrones series feature in which we cover the top 7 moments for  7 original characters leading up to the Season 7 premiere on Sunday, July 16th.  If you’re seeing a theme, you are correct.  

By the Light of the Seven, we present Arya Stark’s  top 7 series moments (in chronological order)…


Arya Stark has always been feisty. Determined. Forthright. Homicidal. Okay, she worked her way to to the last one.  But, after witnessing all of the people she loved be callously murdered, it’s no wonder that the poor girl took a liking to sticking people with her Needle.  Given that, it would be incredibly easy to simply make a list of seven times Arya killed someone and be done with it. Arya Stark, however, is a much more complicated character than that, and there are several moments that prove that while she has become a bit murder-y, she is ultimately commanded by a strong sense of justice and also possesses a vulnerability that has sometimes conflicted with her more homicidal tendencies.  It’s those moments that make her such a rich, dynamic character that viewers can realistically root for in a world besieged with betrayal and tragedy.  …But yeah, we can’t really ignore the killing, can we?  Because, at the end of the day, there’s something special about an adolescent girl straight up prison shanking grown men.

There were way more than seven moments I could have put on Arya’s list, and there may be some obvious omissions, but the following moments provide insight to the true heart of Arya Stark, despite her growing body count.

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