‘Deadpool 2’: Shortlist for Domino Revealed

‘Deadpool 2’: Shortlist for Domino Revealed

Deadpool is without a doubt one of the surprise hits of 2016. Flipping the entire superhero genre on its head,”The Merc with the mouth” was a breath of fresh air.  Well, as fresh as a vulgar, asexual, foul-mouthed mutant can be. A sequel was almost immediately announced after the films release and given a release date of January 12, 2018. Thanks to a post-credits scene where Deadpool channeled his inner Ferris Bueller, we know a bit about the sequel. Simply saying “it’s gonna have Cable” and listing off possible actors to play him. With a little over a year and a half until its release we now know a little bit more about the film.

In a new report from Collider, the director and producers of the untitled Deadpool sequel are looking for a female lead. Tim Miller and company are currently testing several actresses for the role of Domino. Actresses on the list include Lizzy Caplan (The Interview, Mean Girls), Elizabeth Winstead (10 Clovefield Lane), Sofia Boutella(Kingsmen: The Secret Service), Sylvia Hoeks(Overspel), Sienna Miller(Foxcatcher), and Stephanie Sigman (Spectre). The list includes a good mix of fresh faces and established names who you can easily see in the role. One that stands out is Lizzy Caplan. Caplan is a well established actress in movies like The Interview and Now You See Me 2. Picturing her quipping off Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool is a tantalizing prospect and just feels right.


Image via Marvel
Image via Marvel


Who exactly is Domino you ask? She is a mercenary, just like Deadpool. She is an expert in hand to hand combat, as well as an excellent markswomen. One key difference between herself and Deadpool is a power called “mutant probability- altering powers. Essentially she can give herself good luck, and uses it frequently against her enemies.Increasing her chances of shooting impossible shots, while giver her opponents bad luck in the process. She is almost always associated with Cable so her involvement in the film makes a lot of sense.

Credits: Collider


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