8 Major Things We Learnt From Star Wars Celebration Europe

8 Major Things We Learnt From Star Wars Celebration Europe

2) There Might be an Indiana Jones Cinematic Universe

Image via Lucasfilm
Image via Lucasfilm

Not everything learned at SWC was to do with Star Wars, you know. We may also have found out a fascinating morsel about Lucasfilm’s other jewel in the crown – Indiana Jones.

As you are probably aware, Disney and Lucasfilm are gearing up for a fifth Indy movie set to arrive in 2019. However, it now appears as if a Star Wars-style expanded universe is being planned, as well. Here’s what ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) president Lynwen Brennan said on the matter:

“Kiri [Hart] and her group have mapped out a story and timeline across multiple platforms many years in advance, many EXHAUSTING years in advance. … We have a great honor to have responsibility for, so we want to be really careful with that. Not only for Star Wars but with Indiana Jones, which we’re all really excited about as well.”

So what could this consist of? Should we expect multiple spin-offs featuring side characters?

Coming soon: Short Round One: An Indiana Jones Story.


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