8 Major Things We Learnt From Star Wars Celebration Europe

8 Major Things We Learnt From Star Wars Celebration Europe

8) Rogue One Might Not Have an Opening Crawl

Image via Lucasfilm

We’ve known from the beginning that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will be very different from the Episode movies, with its emphasis on Rebel spies rather than Jedi. However, something we learned at SWC suggests the makers are really keen to distance it from the main series. Chiefly, it might not even have the iconic Star Wars opening crawl.

When asked about it, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy had this to say:

“It’s something that we’re right in the midst of discussing even now, so I don’t want to say definitively what we’re doing. The crawl and some of those elements live so specifically within the ‘saga’ films that we are having a lot of discussion about what will define the [stand-alone] Star Wars Stories separate and apart from the saga films.”

It sounds like the decision hasn’t been finalized, so they could crawl back to that feature in the end. If they don’t, though, is it really a Star Wars film without it? Only time will tell.


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