10 Things From ‘WWE Raw,’ June 13th, 2016

10 Things From ‘WWE Raw,’ June 13th, 2016

6. The Donnie and Marie act is old already.

We like you, Shane and Steph. To call it love would be a bit much, but you’re all right. Your banter, however, is weak.

We get it. Everyone wants a piece of the sibling bosses’ time. Kevin Owens is the town gossip, spreading rumors about other wrestlers. Corporate Kane is back, and he’s being way too polite. Somehow, this is more boring than watching Triple H and Steph run the show. I’d take John Laurinitis back at this point. It’s a bummer, because Shane’s return was huge, as was his WrestleMania match with the Undertaker. As a show-runner, though, he’s a smug, middle-age version of the Shane-O-Mac who used to be interesting.

Shane is smug
Photo Credit: WWE

We used to roll together, Shane. We were boys. What happened?

Next: The Ambrose Asylum looks back.


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