After last week’s teasers, Marvel has officially announced this Fall’s upcoming Amazing Spider-Man Dead No More series that will begin in Amazing Spider-Man #19. Artist Jim Cheung will be joining long-time series writer Dan Slott for the storyline.


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“The mysterious man in the red suit has an offer for some of Spidey’s greatest rogues – obey him, and your loved ones live. Fail him, and lose them FOREVER! With the Rhino, the Lizard, Electro and even Doctor Octopus at his side, things are looking bleak. But who else from Peter’s past has reappeared?!” –Marvel Press

With Marvel potentially bringing back loved ones from the grave (check out Gwen on the right), this is promising to be one of Spider-Man’s greatest challenges not only physically but emotionally. Who can forget the devastation and grief Spidey has experienced throughout the comics? With the loss of multiple loved ones and not always being enough to save themParker carries his fair share of heavy emotional baggage.



With Marvel going a bit darker with the storyline, we are betting on Spider-Man being left an impossible choice, bring back his loved ones or end “the mysterious man in the red suit”.

“Aw man, we have to wait until Fall for this amazing story?”

Hey now, hold on, that is not the only thing Marvel announced,

“Don’t miss your first taste of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: DEAD NO MORE as Dan Slott and Javier Garron bring you a prologue on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY – May 7th! And don’t miss the fireworks when the storyline kicks off in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #19 this fall!”

That’s right, Marvel is giving out a small tasting on Free Comic Book Day this May 7th to subdue our palates.

With all the exciting news, we would love to here what you think! Tell us who you believe will be coming back from Spider-Man’s past in a comment below!

  • Dan

    I just hope they bring back Kaine Parker. Aside from a one panel reveal of him not being as dead as assumed at the end of the Spider-Verse event nothing has happened with my favourite marvel character. BRING BACK SCARLET SPIDER!! In fact lets have Ben Reilly too, and Ultimate Jessica Drew. I would love an on-going Scarlet Spiders comic.