Six Flags debuted it’s newest roller coaster today. The Joker-themed ride opened at Six Flags Great Adventure park in Jackson, New Jersey to season pass holders who were able to preview the ride before it opened to the public.



“This genre of ride is so unique. There is no track below you and nothing above you, so riders are truly doing these acrobatic maneuvers mid-air,” roller coaster expert Tim Baldwin said in a press release.


The 4D, free-fly coaster is the park’s 14th and comes with a 120 feet tall lift and several 90 degree features. The special wing seats let the rider ride with no track above or below them. Since it’s named after the DC villain, you can bet it’s green and purple and there’s probably lots of annoying hidden speakers that have cackling laughter playing for ambiance. Features like that can be annoying while one waits in line for hours for a five minute thrill ride. If only there was some other way to enhance the experience of being tortured by a chemical weapon from a super insane serial killer.




In other news, Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey had to shut down The Joker roller coaster after two riders ended up stuck on the ride. Now there’s an authentic super villain experience.

The ride ended up being shut down for an hour for repairs, then as a cruel twist the coaster was run for the rest of the day with no riders allowed on. The park claims it was for testing, but we all know that was part of the simulated torture experience. We have to ask: with no track above or below them what did exactly did they get stuck on?

In case there is any doubt Six Flags was pretending to be the Clown Prince of Crime, by further torturing those who paid extra to ride The Joker coaster, the ride was stopped about an hour after an unveiling ceremony that featured comedian Joe Piscopo.


The horror...the horror...

The horror…the horror…


Images: Six Flags