Were Rey’s parents in Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Director J.J. Abrams faced that question on Friday and (possibly) answered it.

During a Q&A session at the Tribeca Film Festival with comedian Chris Rock, a young boy in the audience asked about the parents of Daisy Ridley’s character. Abrams would only say that they are not in The Force Awakens. “Rey’s parents are not in Episode VII. So I can’t possibly say in this moment who they are,” Abrams said. “But I will say it is something that Rey thinks about, too.”

Abrams later told Entertainment Weekly that he was just explaining that The Force Awakens doesn’t have answers for the mystery of Rey’s parents. However, it is possible that her parents have a role in her life, but she doesn’t know they are her mother and father. “What I meant was that she doesn’t discover them in Episode VII. Not that they may not already be in her world,” Abrams explained to EW.

Fans have speculated that Rey could be the daughter of Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, or even Rogue One character Jyn Erso. However, Ridley herself shot down the theory that Felicity Jones’ character from the first stand-alone Star Wars film is Rey’s mother. At the moment, our best bet is to just wait for the next Star Wars episode to answer our questions.


Image: Disney