Someone call Wade Wilson. Funko recently announced the Golden Girls are coming to their Pop! TV line of figures. Soon Deadpool can add a cute version of Bea Arthur to join the plush unicorn, box of tissues and hand lotion for playtime.



If you don’t know what a Golden Girl is, have never seen the show or are just too plain unhip to care then Funko’s character description might help win your heart.

Our Golden Girls Pop! figures embody Dorothy’s wit, Blanche the Southern belle, Rose’s charm, and Sophia’s bluntness!

For the rest of you that didn’t need to read those words to be sold on the charming, mature and big headed statues, we know what you’re thinking. ‘What? Is it 1987 all over again?’ Nope it’s 2016 and the legacy of the characters from NBC’s favorite show from three decades ago has never been more relevant and fresh. Well, not really. The big shoulder pads and even bigger hair don’t really stand the test of time. They are, however, more a testament to a bygone era. Yes, it was a golden age.

Come help make this series of Funkos popular, so there can be a series two. That way we can see a George Clooney figure as Bobby Hopkins, the dashing detective who stole Dorothy’s heart. Maybe a figure of Leslie Nelson as Lucas Hollingsworth, Dorothy’s fake finance. At the very least an Empty Nest spinoff series would be nice. Dorothy appeared on that show, too.

Is this story a little Dorothy heavy, just to make our favorite merc with a mouth notice it?

We can neither confirm or deny that.

We can neither confirm or deny.

Collect them all and place them on your veranda when Pop! TV: Golden Girls come out this July.


Source: Funko