Welcome to the Marvel Collection Store. May we take your money?

That has to be the greeting customers get at the door, right? According to Hot Toys, it’s “The World’s First Official Marvel Collection Store.” It recently opened at the Enter-6 Park Avenue shopping center in Seoul, South Korea and is inundated in Marvel themed statues, displays, and toys. Hot Toys collectibles, Cosbaby figures, Artist Mix Bobble-Heads fill the store, as well as life-sized fan favorites such as Iron Man, Ant-Man, Ultron Prime, and more.

Upon entry shoppers are immediately met with “Hot Toys’ ground-breaking 4m tall Hulk VS Hulkbuster life-size display.”

Hulk v Hulkbuster

[Image|Hot Toys]

Take a look at the other images from the Marvel Collection Store, courtesy of Hot Toys:

Now the question is, when will something similar appear in the West? Tell us what you think in the comments below and stay tuned to GeekFeed for everything that’ll make you want to, accidentally, spend all your money.


[Source: Hot Toys Facebook Page]