In a press release, DC announced Dark Night: A True Batman Story, from writer Paul Dini, set to release June 2016.

A compelling autobiography of Dini’s fight for life, both physically and mentally, drawn out in illustration by Eduardo Risso, is bound to bring tears to our eyes and cause our hearts of kryptonite to slowly dim. The novel focuses on the night Dini was brutally attacked by muggers and left for dead on the sidewalk, and his inspirational fight to overcome fear.

Batman is a character truly universal in his ability to entertain and inspire fans of all ages and backgrounds. As a writer of Batman stories for comics, video games and animation, I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to contribute to that legacy. But there was a time some years ago when I found myself the victim of a violent attack and the last thing that made sense to me was to continue writing stories about a fantasy crime fighter. Struggling to recover, I found myself trapped in a dark place of isolation and abuse, plagued by demons both real and imaginary, with my only choices being to remain a victim or to stand up and fight back. Not so easy as the enemy I was fighting was my own fear,” bravely stated Paul Dini.

Dini continued “DC and Vertigo have given me the unique opportunity to tell this personal story, rendered better than I could have dreamed by the powerful artwork of Eduardo Risso. It is my hope that Dark Night: A True Batman Story will both provide an interesting window into a writer’s mind in a time of crisis, and perhaps inspire other victims of violence to search for the heroes inside themselves.”

We can earnestly say, anticipation is high for Dini’s work. He is a true inspiration and picture of bravery in the face of fear.

Dark Night will be available in bookstores everywhere on June 21, 2016.