Business Insider reported Thursday from the Game Developer’s Conference on Microsoft‘s plan to unify it’s Windows 10 and Xbox One platforms, via Windows Universal Platform.

The switch to unified apps has been hinted since MS earlier released it’s Xbox App for Windows 10, which allowed PC users to play Xbox One games on their PC. Then MS announced it’s working on the capability for developers to have cross play between Xbox Live and The Playstation Network.

So what is the good news from all of this?

For one thing, players will soon be able to start playing a game on their tablet, save progress and then pick up where they left off, later, while in front of their TV on Xbox One. Another benefit is in there being one store to unify purchases, rather than two. Now buying DLC or add-ons will be for the game, across PC and Xbox platforms, not just the system.

But the real step into the future could be the ability to be told about the status of your mother’s weight and promiscuity by fellow players from three networks at the same time, no matter what system you are playing on. Gone are the days of having to log into Steam then Playstation then Xbox for such updates. Oh what a world it will be.

Image: Microsoft