Iron Fist Is Frustrating, Confusing, and Sometimes Enjoyable

Iron Fist Is Frustrating, Confusing, and Sometimes Enjoyable

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Episode 8: The Blessing of Many Fractions

8 Iron Fist Is Frustrating, Confusing, and Sometimes EnjoyableAfter much thought and discussions with friends about the developing of this series, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not a bad series. It just has a lot of bad moments. This episode specifically proves that, as Danny, Claire, and Colleen go to China in a private plane played with the emotional turmoil and trauma from Danny’s past. It’s not the best scene, but I get its intent. What seems to be happening is that this is the Iron Man 2 or the Age of Ultron of the Marvel/Netflix series. They’re not bad movies (leave that title to X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Trank’s Fantastic Four), but when you have Guardians of the Galaxy or Winter Solider to compare it to, you’re going to notice the missed potential.

The show seems to have finally gained momentum. We’re no longer seeing a lot of random storylines with zero congruence. There’s a clear antagonist (the Hand) and a clear team of heroes (Danny, Colleen, and Claire). The fight between Danny and the drunken protector of the Hand is interesting, because our Iron Fist seems to have found his equal to fight. The fight against Zhou Cheng (Lewis Tan) is entertaining, but not as entertaining as seeing Madame Gao ever so slightly fear the Iron Fist may kill her.

As far as the secondary plot in the series, can someone explain to me why I should care that Ward is loosing his mind and Joy doesn’t know what to do about it?



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