Iron Fist Is Frustrating, Confusing, and Sometimes Enjoyable

Iron Fist Is Frustrating, Confusing, and Sometimes Enjoyable

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Episode 11: Lead Horse Back to Stable

11 Iron Fist Is Frustrating, Confusing, and Sometimes EnjoyableHere’s the point when the story’s cohesion is a bit more palpable. Danny Rand’s morals and motivations are questioned (thank you Claire Temple!), and the Meachums have a role to play in the ultimate plot. We also get a bit of backstory with Davos and Danny. It’s very interesting to see them play allies when their relationship could’ve easily gone the route of Stephen Strange and Mordo. Davos is not amicable, but his stoic nature allows us to peer at life in K’un-Lun. This would’ve been the episode with the dragon punching had Netflix attained the necessary budget for this. The fact that I know this makes me sad.

Colleen Wing’s loyalties bothered me in this episode. While I do know she’s one half of the Daughters of the Dragon team and that Jessica Henwick’s going to appear in The Defenders, I don’t want to trust her anymore. Even with Bakuto’s decision to have her “give to the Hand,” her allegiances sway too easily. This story was better done in Daredevil with Elektra’s similar waver.

Where’s Ward in all this?



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