Iron Fist Is Frustrating, Confusing, and Sometimes Enjoyable

Iron Fist Is Frustrating, Confusing, and Sometimes Enjoyable

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Episode 1: Snow Gives Way

1 Iron Fist Is Frustrating, Confusing, and Sometimes Enjoyable

I don’t know much about Marvel Comics’ Iron Fist, so I’m coming into this kung-fu lore with very little backstory. This initial episode serves mostly for introductions. It’s very hard to not compare Danny Rand (Finn Jones) with DC’s Oliver Queen. Their backstories are similar in the sense that, after being thought dead, they have returned to the very successful companies that they partially own. The difference here is that no one believes Danny is indeed him back from the dead.

Just as Danny notes, his return is aggravating. For the audience, it’s aggravating to watch. It’s hard to root for our main character when everyone is trying to put him down and all he’s responding with are martial arts instead of an actual explanation. His many failed attempts at explaining himself to the Meachum siblings is frustrating and the cliffhanger even more so. The only optimism comes in the form of a kind homeless man (Craig Walker’s Big Al) who’s fate also ends on a sour note. I’m sure the show will get plenty more chances to appease my annoyance towards Danny Rand’s welcome back to the “real” world. Still, this is a good introduction to another corner of the MCU, and it appropriately sets up who the villains and allies will be.

As far as personal preferences go, I wonder how long it will take for Claire Temple and Jeri Hogarth to appear.



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